Who, When, Why?

A doctor reviews information with her female patient in a clinical setting

It seems like everyone knows at least one person who is prolific at sharing advice about the use of essential oils. For the individual seeking essential oil advice it can get frustrating, confusing, and even dangerous when they don't know which advice is the most appropriate advice for them, or even if said advice is safe to follow. This blog post is to enlighten you to the varying degrees of essential oil training each of the following professionals may have received so that you can determine if their advice is based on appropriate levels of education as to fit your specific need. I always recommend that you ask a person offering advice what their specific training in the use of essential oils is. i.e. Did they attend an approved class, read a book, or are they just repeating something their sister's boyfriends dog walker told them. This blog post is meant to honor the time, energy, commitment, and dedication of each of the medical professionals outlined. Those licensed and unlicensed. I hope I did each justice as I have many friends who work in the different fields outlined here and I wouldn't want to do them a disservice. Qualified Aromatherapist-(QA) A certified aromatherapist sometimes called a holistic aromatherapist is an aromatherapist who has completed a minimum of 200 hours of approved training through a school recognized and approved by Alli