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New Client Consult


I offer consultations throughout the USA via video or telephone conferencing. After-hours consultations, for clients who need additional scheduling options are available.

Everyone is welcome here. I believe in the dignity and worth of every human being. I will meet you where you're at with acceptance, affirmation, compassion and no judgement.

My process and commitment to your individual aromatherapy needs is detailed below.

Here's how the process works: 
Submit your new client intake and $100 deposit (applied to consultation fee). 

  1. I will process your intake form. (Please allow 48 hours). 

  2. We'll meet for your consulting appointment. 

  3. We'll schedule your follow-up appointment.

  4. After your consult, the $125 balance of your fee is due.

  5. Upon receipt of balance due, I'll prepare and ship your customized blend*.

  6. Your follow-up appointment (held within 10 days of  receiving  your blend). 

One custom blend and one follow-up appointment are included.

*Diffuser blends are not eligible for initial client blend.


The $100 deposit is applied to the $225 consultation fee.

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