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About Cynthia

Many years ago, our family faced a challenge that may seem familiar to you. We were emotionally, physically, and mentally taxed. My husband and I knew there had to be better answers than what we had been given. I followed my intuition and kept searching for those answers.


One of our children was, quite literally, fighting for their life. Though our two kids are the same age, one came into our family when they were two years old. We knew we would help with some physical challenges present at birth, but we were ill prepared for the extent of the emotional hurdles that were present.


As a survivor of childhood trauma, I recognized many of my child's struggles, and we were able to respond promptly. Finding the answers and solutions though, took trial, error, time, and expense.


I was desperate for real results, much like you may be right now. I kept hearing and reading about the “miraculous” effects of essential oils. Even though I’d been living holistically for over 15 years, I had a healthy dose of skepticism. However, conventional “solutions” just hadn’t delivered the results we needed.


After experiencing an essential oil-induced seizure, I dove into the science of aromatherapy and learned from industry pioneers and leaders who were qualified to do more than sell me a blend of essential oils produced for mass marketing. My family wasn’t cookie-cutter, and we didn't want cookie-cutter answers.

I am now a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Aromatherapy via essential oils, CO-2 extracts, and hydrosols, and their many applications, is my passion and calling in life. I support trauma survivors because they are my village. I am passionate about using my training to help others who, like me, know there has to be a better way to help children, teens and adults who have been wounded by trauma. The answers they need are not one-size-fits-all. The blends I make for them are uniquely crafted to their specific needs.


Perhaps you have considered trying essential oils, but you weren’t sure where to begin. Maybe you’ve tried them but didn’t see any benefits or weren’t sure you were using them in the best way. No matter where you are in your quest for healthy solutions, I’m confident that, together, we can unlock some of the keys to your unique needs.


The right fit is worth the time and effort to seek it out. You don’t have to settle. Our children, our family's, and our own emotional health are worth the journey. We know deep down there is more.


Through my journey with my family, I knew essential oils offered something beneficial and powerful. By first-hand experience and with my training, I learned that some oils which are marketed for everyday use, should be used with a great deal more care. Depending on how they are used, oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier. While the benefits of such oils have their place, for safety, the individual health status, biochemistry, and age of the person using them must be considered.


This is why I have dedicated over seven years and more than 700 hours to the research of and training in aromatherapy, as well as studying under trauma neuroscientists, trauma researchers, and other trauma professionals to better serve my clients. Whether you’ve been using oils for years and want to collaborate to tweak what you’re doing, or you’re brand-new to the idea and wish to learn more about them, I’m here to meet you where you're at and walk alongside you.


I'm a specialist who puts safety first. One tip won't solve your problem, but it could cause more damage. When I’m working with clients, I start with a comprehensive health history. I use my training and experience to create a blend designed specifically for you or your child. Save yourself time, money, and potential health risk by working with a certified professional.

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