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What's the difference between essential oils, carbon dioxide extract's, and hydrosols?


Essential oils are the lipophilic compounds released from plants during the steam distillation or cold press processing. They are the concentrated, volatile aromatic oils that contain the fragrance and characteristics of the plant from which they are derived. Essential oils and carbon dioxide extracts contain the lipophilic therapeutic properties contained within the botanical. 

Carbon dioxide  extracts are volatile aromatic oils produced without steam distillation. Dried botanical matter is placed in a carbon dioxide  extractor and carbon dioxide is forced through the botanical matter at specific pressures for specific time periods dependent on the botanical in use.

Hydrosols are the aromatic waters produced through steam distillation of plant matter. Hydrosols contain the water soluble constituents that are not present in the essential oil. Hydrosols have different therapeutic properties than essential oils. They’re safe for every age demographic when used properly. Pure hydrosols are preservative free, must be replaced yearly, and stored in the refrigerator to preserve their integrity. Floral waters are not the same as hydrosols. 


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